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Leaf Model

Leaf Model

If the fly rod is a stem, the reel would be a leaf. We designed this reel looking like a tree. The reel is tilted forward at a 20° angle to resemble a leaf sprouting there.  The reel foot is set off-center.



Mechanism: Click (ratchet)

Spool: Orange color alumite

Reel Frame: Light gray alumite

Handle:Handle: Black, white or optiponal color (Limited stock)

Spool diameter:

Reaf 2: 62mm

Reaf 3: 62mm

Reaf 4: 68mm

frame width:

Reaf 2: 33mm

Reaf 3: 36mm 

Reaf 4: 36mm

Line capacity:

Reaf 2: DT2+backing line of 30m/20lb

Reaf 3: DT3+backing line of 30m/20lb

Reaf 4: DT4+backing line of 30m/20lb


Reaf 2: 95g

Reaf 3: 100g

Reaf 4: 115g

Reel poach is included

  • Shipping & Delivery

    *Shipping is free in the USA.

    **The lead-time would be in a couple of months after the prder.

    ***You can specify the color of the reel knob after we confirm the order. We will ask the maker the available color upon the order , and get back to you with available color in sotck.

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