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Per Brandin 3 pieces 8'6" #5. Very good condition. Only drew back would be the additional translucent wrapping for repairing the mid section as it is seen on the photo (4th one). The price is $4500.(SOLD)

Tom Morgan's limited rod before Tom passed away. Beautiful rod tube and sock. Non-used rod without any scratches. Black metals. There is pre-owner's initial on the butt.

$3200→ Now on Sale $1980

Now, Shima Nets has officially joined EWA. Shima Net is one of the most popular net makers among Japanese fly fishers. His background is as a maker of contemporary furniture. That is why his nets are not always traditional, but rather contemporary in taste.

You will sigh when you see his collection of nets. Sorry, but we only have two nets in stock right now.

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