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​   When you order 


your room door!

You have to avoid the eyes 

of your partner.

Our products (price) are all beyond  understanding of non-flyfisher type of  (=normal) persons. We encourage you to spend your money while you are still alive in this beautiful world.





Every items are based on build-to-order. Usually you have to wait 2-3 months, but more for some popular items. 




​You can check out. Even you placed an order, your payment is still REFUNDABLE  at this

 point. Because our products are not that cheap (in our own measurement system!)

But we strongly recommend

 you to contact us first.


We ring

a bell when

it's ready

As soon as we get the information from maker, we let you know the delivery date. We will confirm you where to send. Maybe not to your home, but your office. Yes, no problem. We know the reason!

Contact us


your order

​Please contact us about your order. There are often many options you cannot see in our WEB pages. We eliminate the optional items because it  will make you confuse.

 We will get back to you ASAP to confirm the  item's specifications with expecting delivery date.


Your Toy

is​ now in

your hands!

The maker will ship your purchased item. It usually takes  two weeks. Don't worry about such as missing and breaking. Those shipping troubles are 100% our responsibility.




Once you confirm the detailed specifications, just pay half of the amount.​ The other half will be charged after the completion. 

Free Shipping, Handling and Import Tax.​ Enjoy the trouble free international shopping.



display it, 

​Go fishing!

We know it is too beautiful

 to use in the field, but don't forget it is still a fishing tool!

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