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  When you need repair 



Yes, we know exactly how you feel now.

It is heart breaking, but you will be saved by our responsible makers.

So, stop crying!



your rod

to us

Please send your rod to us (Tennessee) if you live in the USA or Europe.

If you are ordering from asian countries, send it to Japan. We will inform you of the shipping address in Okinawa Japan. 

Payment shall be done at this point thru 

Paypal. Non-Refundable

Send us


The maker needs to know the condition first. ​Please send some photos which our maker can specify the problems. Then we will forward those photos to Maker.


​Maker does the best possible work

Just believe the professional work of makers. They will try to make it back as it was.

We will ship your rod to maker right after we receive it from you. 

just pray

Believe us! 90% of broken rods should be repairable.

We will not take any service charges for repair.

We are the guys  who help you without profit when you are in trouble. We are not those busters who beat a crying baby. Yes, of course, it's because we are gentlemen.


​We take you back your son to home

We will notice you at the point  when the maker ship it from Japan. We will send it to you ASAP. 

If you live in Asian countries, the shipping will not take that long.

​Maker will give us an estimation

It will not take much time for the estimation. The maker will send us an estimation once they check out the problem.

We will provide you an estimation with shipping fee from Japan.


Have a 



Let's celebrate your son's homecoming. He may talk about all the nightmares he went through. Don't cry!

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