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We know it is not made in Japan, but good old days GB! We have a couple of old Hardy reels in stock now. One is Bougle (very rare in this condition)→SOLD, and other is ST George Jr. (Normal used condition)→SOLD. We believe the price is very fair. First-come-first-served. 10 days for the deliver. Go to "SHOP" tab.

Due to the cancellation of The Tokyo Handcraft Show by the Covid-19, Bum Rod offered the sale rod for us. Bum rod is one of the most popular bamboo rod makers in our shop. The list price of Bum rods are all one tip model, but these sale models are two tips. Also These sale models are both not A6L but A6F. The difference is the cane. Madake bamboo is used for A6L, but these two sale rods are both made with Tonkin cane for the bigger size fish on the bigger size river. You will be surprised with its crisp but smooth action. For the details, please check "Bum Rod" on "SHOP" tab. We just have one each in stock. Here is the specification for two rods. If you are interested in these sale rods, just give us an e-mail. First-come-first-served. Need about 10 days for the shipping.

  1. 8ft #4 A6F DHC (Deformed Hexagonal Construction) $1,700→SOLD

  2. 8ft #4/5 A8F DOC (Deformed Octagonal Construction. No photo, but the rod blank and wrapping thread color are identical to 8ft #4 A6F DHC) $1,890→SOLD

A6F / Tonkin / Brand new / Dark Finish / 2 tips with Rod tube

DHC construction for A6F (The color of the rod blank and wrapping are not the same as the sale model).

DOC construction for A8F (The color of the rod blank and wrapping and shape of the grip handle are not the same as the sale model).

Wider side of the A6F Hexagonal rod blank

Beautiful vanishing

Bum rod has many unique features to make the rod light other than its hollow construction. Top guide is not usual covered type.

We have received more snow and ice than normal this year in Tennessee which makes me think of all great fishing weather coming soon and planning my first fishing trip.

We have changed the looks of our Web site to blog style. We are going to update some news timely. Hope you enjoy our new step. I am not an experienced IT guy but really enjoy providing updates the latest fly fishing news along with receiving fishing tips from my friends.

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