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Bum Rod

“Repulsion power is always my biggest concern. It is a caster who bends the rod, not the rod itself. The mission of the rod is to repulse the power once it is given from the caster. The solid rod has more weight than a hollowed rod, and the weight always slows down the repulsion. But the problem of the hollowed structure is when a hollowed rod is cast, there is less power left in the flattened tube than a solid rod. Some makers solve this issue by leaving inner walls with the scalloping method, which E. C. Powell did first. But internal walls add weight. Also, I don’t like to copy somebody else’s idea,” he explained.

His answer to this obstacle was the hollowed triangle. His Deformed Hexagonal Construction rod has Deformed Hexagonal tunnels inside. Hidenobu must love to make the world complicated.

“The triangle is the ideal shape to hold power. You can see it on the bicycle. Many of them have triangle-shaped frames. That is because the triangle shape can manage the forces from many different directions. You also can find it on some bridges, called truss bridges.”

*This article was extracted from “Mostly Bamboo” by courtesy of the author.


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