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Holiday Season Sale ! 10 % Off For All Solid Octagon Rod(End)

Solid Octagon will have a new price in 2024. So this is a great opportunity.

Solid Octagon leads the next generation of fly rods. Sou Maruyama is the founder of Solid Octagon.

The history of the fly fishing rod has been an effort to overcome the heavy weight material. In the bamboo rod era, E. C. Powel invented the hollow construction of the Tonkin cane bamboo rod to make the rod lighter. It was not easy work to remove the core from each split piece of Tonkin, but this innovative method was achieved by Winston. The next generation of fibreglass rod was born hollow, because the fibreglass sheet had to be rolled around the steel core (mandrel), and the graphite rod followed. The lightness of the graphite sheet made the graphite fly fishing rod the lightest ever in fly fishing history ........ For more information click here.



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