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AWOL Bicane

AWOL Bicane

Bicane is the hybrid model using split cane of Tonkin and Ya-Take. Tonkin had been believed as the best material before the grass and graphite came into the fly fishing world. The development of bamboo rod slowed down quite a bit after they are substituted by chemical rods. Awol thinks it too lazy to stay in the same place where they were a major leaguer. Bamboo rod is beautiful, but it is not art, but tool. Awol believes Tonkin rod is too strong for small fishes in the small creeks. Bicane is his latest answer. 2 spirited Tonkins are used in the front and back face of the rod to accomplish the straight cast with stiff backbone, and 4 strips of Ya-Take are used for the side face of the rod. Action is slow and parabolic. Best for short cast in the small creek.  Cosmetic is done with two tones to represents Bicane.

**All photos courtesy of Yuki Bando (Flybito Press)


  • Specifications

    <Model Name> AWOL Bicane
    Length and Line weight 6'6", 3wt
    7'0", 3wt
    Section 2 piece
    <Rod Blank>  
    Taper Design Straight
    Strip Six
    Deflection slow
    Solid or Hollow Solid
    Bamboo Ya-Take 4 strips & Tonkin 2 strips
    Brank color Light Brown
    Tip 1 tip
    <Around grip>  
    Reel Seat style Downlock with ring
    Reel Seat metal Hard chrome Steel
    Reel Seat spacer Tiger Maple
    <Around Grip>  
    Handle Ciger, Fine Ciger or Full Wells
    Grip Portugese corks 
    Grip Check None
    Stripping Guide Titan Coated Chrome
    Guides Snake
    Guide Metal Hard chrome Steel
    Color Silver
    <Wrapping Thread>  
    Thread Color  Green and Light Olive tone with Intermediate Wrapping

    *Extra tip $350

    * Intermidiate wrap(as photo) $200

    *The color of the thread can be changed to Honey/Dark Brown tone or Red and Brown tone tone without extra charge.

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