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F510 (Dry & Float powder in one case)

F510 (Dry & Float powder in one case)


(F510 is a two-chamber container that can be used for drying and applying floatant in one container)

F510 is a product that refreshes dry flies and gives them ultra-strong buoyancy, and is unique in its system. Unlike conventional floatant-only products, F510 has two chambers in one container: 1. By separating the drying process and the floatation process, the system more effectively recreates a fly that floats.

How to use;.

After removing rough water from a wet fly, place it in the DryUp and shake it several dozen times. The fly will be restored to new life. Remove excess powder, then place the fly in the FloatUp and shake several dozen times to apply the floatant. Now it's time to cast.

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