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Forest Wanderer

Forest Wanderer

Fagus took almost a half year to find the exact fiberglass sheet to develop their glass-rod. They do not use a normal fiberglass sheet , but use only fiberglass sheet that has fibers running only one direction. This is why these rods are not fat, but slim like graphite rods.  We believe you will find the smoothness which you have never experienced with other rods. Forest Wonderer is medium action, and a bit faster than its brother Fine Loop.

  • Specifications

    <Model Name> Forest Wonderer
    Length and Line weight 7'0", 3wt
    7'6", 3wt
    8'0", 3wt
    Section 4 piece
    <Rod Blank>  
    Taper Design Straight
    Shape Round
    Deflection Medium
    Solid or Hollow Hollow
    Material Fiberglass
    Brank color Light Olive
    Tip 1 tips
    <Around grip>  
    Reel Seat style Downlock with ring
    Reel Seat metal Black Aluminum
    Reel Seat spacer Zebra Wood
    <Around Grip>  
    Handle Cigar
    Grip Portuguese corks 
    Grip Check None
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