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Kumokiri is the unique model which does not have any nodes at all. Thomas & Thomas once experimented their beautiful model “Nodeless”. This model is inspired by them but done by totally different method. “Nodeless” cut the node section and glued perfectly as if it is one cane. Kumokiri has no nodes, but no glued. There are so many different bamboo species in Japan. Kumokiri use the bamboo which has the longest length of node to node. Four pieces model only.

**All photos courtesy of Yuki Bando (Flybito Press)

  • Specifications

    <Model Name> Kurokiri
    Length and Line weight 7'6", 4wt
    Section 4 piece
    <Rod Blank>  
    Taper Design Compound
    Strip Six
    Deflection Medium Fast
    Solid or Hollow Solid
    Bamboo To-chiku
    Brank color Glassy Chocolate
    Tip 1 tip
    <Around grip>  
    Reel Seat style Downlock with ring
    Reel Seat metal Hard chrome Steel
    Reel Seat spacer Stacked wood with gold color metal
    <Around Grip>  
    Handle Fine Cigar
    Grip Portugese corks 
    Grip Check None
    Stripping Guide Carboloy
    Guides Snake
    Guide Metal Hard chrome Steel
    Color Black
    Extra tip  $500 
    Thread Color  Clear
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