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Maekawa Craft Release Net

Maekawa Craft Release Net

Now Maekawa Craft is experimenting the Harmonization of Western and Oriental culture. Japanese traditional crucian fishing has the long history of catch and release. They have developed and improved the least impact net over 150 years. The fine mesh will not give a fish any damages, but still keeping the beauty of the traditional catch and release net.

The flame is bamboo and maple combination. The grip is made by the stacked Bamboo and make the net look exotic.

**All photos courtesy of Yuki Bando (Flybito Press)

  • Features

    Flame Material outside : Bamboo (Tonkin)

    Flame Material inside : Fagus

    Grip Material : Bamboo (Japanese Ma-dake)

    Net: Japanese traditional fine natural fiber


    Length of net 12 inch

    Width of net 7.5 inch

    Depth of net 10 inch

    Length of grip 4.75 inch


    Color: Two variations (*Please specify upon the order)

    Dark (Denser stack of bamboo calms)

    Light (Thinner stack of bamboo calms)

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