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Power Stone Bamboo Bracelet Series 10-12

Power Stone Bamboo Bracelet Series 10-12

Coose from 3 variations. Clockwise on photo.

10. Yamame trout (Chako bamboo) : Tiger eye(brown)+Peridot+Karen Silver. Brown leather strap. Coconut button(Right in photo).

11. SOLD Dorlly Varden (Chako bamboo):Tiger eye(brown)+Mother of peral(white)+Karen Silver. Brown leather strap. Coconut button(Center in photo).

12. Ayu trout (Chako bamboo): Onyx+Smokey Quartz+Karen Silver+wood beads. Brown leather strap. Coconut button(Left in photo).

  • The power of nature stone

    Onyx: Protects you from the evil. August birthstone.

    Carnelian: Increases your power. August birthstone.

    Red/yellow tiger eye: Makes you optimize.

    Aventurine: Brings you luck and succcess. 

    Mother of pearl: Protects you from the negative energy.

    Peridot: helps rebirth and restarat

    Quartz: heals you.

    Smoky Quartz: absorbs negative wave and minus energy.

    Magnesite: makes you stable, comfort and peaceful.

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