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Shoma is the standard model of Maekawa craft. The butt section does not look like Swell, but the swell section is hidden in the grip. This hidden swell section is the key of Shoma. It is not discussed much, but swell butt works maximum not at the swelled section, but at about ten inches toward the ferrule. This is why we put swell butt section in the grip. This method can maximize the butt power as well as reducing the diameter of the rod.

**All photos courtesy of Yuki Bando (Flybito Press)

  • Specifications

    <Model Name> Shoma
    Length and Line weight 7'0", 4wt
    Section 2 piece
    <Rod Blank>  
    Taper Design Compound
    Strip Six
    Deflection Medium Slow
    Solid or Hollow Solid
    Bamboo Tonkin
    Brank color Light Brown
    Tip 1 tip
    <Around grip>  
    Reel Seat style Downlock with ring
    Reel Seat metal Hard chrome Steel
    Reel Seat spacer Tiger Maple
    <Around Grip>  
    Handle Fine Cigar
    Grip Portugese corks 
    Grip Check None
    Stripping Guide Carboloy
    Guides Snake
    Guide Metal Hard chrome Steel
    Color Black
    <Wrapping Thread>  
    Thread Color  Clear

    *Stacked Bamboo reel seat filler $220

    *Extra tip $500

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