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Solid T24

Solid T24

Sale will be ended on November 30. The shipping will be in mid-February 2024.

Model T24 was developed for the small to mid-size stream. The action is slow to moderate. This rod is ideal such a case when you need a longer leader to fool wise trout. The slower recovery made the long leader turning over easier. The diameter of the rod tip goes down to 3mm but won't break easy because its solid construction. You will not forget the smooth feeling of T24 once you cast. Sensitiveness is completely different from the usual hollow-construction rods. When you cast T24 2wt, you may even can feel the weight of the leader.

  • Specifications

    <Model Name> Model 24
    Length and Line weight

    8'00, 2wt

    8'00, 3wt
    8'00, 4wt

    Section 4 piece
    <Rod Blank>  
    Taper Design Compound
    shape Octagonal
    Deflection Medium
    Solid or Hollow Solid
    Graphite 24 ton
    Brank color Red
    Tip 1 tips
    <Around grip>  
    Reel Seat style Uplock (Built in titan thin plate in the grip)
    Reel Seat Band Polyetherimide band
    Reel Seat spacer Chinese quince
    <Around Grip>  
    Handle Octagrip(Octagonal Ciger)
    Grip Portugese corks 
    Grip Check None
    Stripping Guide Handmade βーTitan
    Guides Infinity Guide(reverse snake)
    Guide Metal Handmade βーTitan
    Color Flat Gold
    <Wrapping Thread>  
    Thread Color  Wine red
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